About Me - Bill Hackenberger

I was born sometime ago in Flushing, Queens, New York, to an English mother and a German father, who started tearing their hair out the moment I entered the world.

I also had the same effect on the professors at the University of Connecticut who, I think, gave me my degree in engineering just to get me out the door.

While in college, I received an ROTC commission as a second lieutenant in US Army Ordnance and, after graduation, was put in charge of production control and shop supply on a rebuild depot in western France. After a short stint as a guided missile instructor and getting promoted to first lieutenant, I returned home to civilian life.

Shortly after my return, I took a job as a process engineer with United States Steel Co. I really wanted to get into engineering sales, but I did not think I was a sales personality. However, after being in a few disputes with the workers union, and being told I was to be transferred with no increase in pay, I decided it was time to try a job in engineering sales.

After taking an industrial sales job in New York, a lovely lady named Betty, who lived out on Long Island, and I got married and had three children, all girls. Now it was my turn to tear my hair out. I'm only kidding; they all turned out to be terrific.

After setting sales records with two companies in the New York City area, I still wasn't making any money. One of my good customers recommended me to a small growing sales company in Albany, New York that turned out to be a winner. After two years there, I was moved up to vice president for the next 11 years and had it made. However, I was starting to get bored. Also, winter driving, shoveling snow and constantly cloudy skies were getting to all of us.

Betty and I now started to think about our lives and where we would like to wind up when we got older. Our parents had moved to Florida to retire, and they never saw us or their grandchildren. We also wanted to retire in Florida someday, but we wanted to have our children, and later our grandchildren, with us. At that point we decided money was not everything, and because the girls were getting older, if we were going to move, we should go very soon. We made up our minds that we would go as soon as possible. I gave the president of the company six months notice, we sold the house, and off we went.

It really turned out to be crunch time when I could not find a job in Florida. Nothing I found would pay me any money in spite of my extensive background. So, I had no choice. If I was going to make any money, I would have to go into business for myself.

Needless to say, this was very scary but eventually it turned out to be very lucrative. I started by not knowing at all what I wanted to do. After doing a lot of thinking and talking and listening to many people, I actually developed a passion and purchased my first tavern. This went so well, I wound up buying two more.

While I had these businesses, I got a real estate license, bought and sold a small shopping center and built a small office building.

I finally sold all the taverns at a good price, and turned my attention to being a full-time business broker and business consultant. This taught me more about buying and selling all types of businesses. It also gave me a priceless education concerning how people think and how they make decisions.

I further decided that I could use my knowledge and many experiences to benefit others in choosing and becoming outstanding successes in their own ventures.

I hope you benefit from this website and my ebook “THINK, LISTEN AND WIN” that you can examine further here.

Please contact me if you think I can help you.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Bill Hackenberger


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