People who are not as smart as you and have much less money than you and much less ambition than you are making fortunes every day. If they can do it, YOU can do it too!


I’ll show you how to do it without spending big bucks and traveling to outlandishly expensive seminars.

I’ll also show you how to do it without giving huge sums to gurus who many times don't even explain the basics. Many will tell you you’re going to make thousands every week but never really explain how. Then, when you have trouble, you are told you need their expensive consulting program. Also, some don’t answer you and others can’t even be contacted.

Many marketers will try to tell you that you must have expensive courses, memberships and outrageously priced books to do what you want to do. I'll show you free and low-priced business sources you can easily understand that will do for you what has to be done.

I will share several experiences I had in business with you and I'll tell you what you should definitely do and not do to get where you want to go.

We will cover whether you should start or buy a brick and mortar business or home business or a franchise or a business involving pets, house-sitting, landscaping, handiwork, mystery-shopping, MLM or some kind of Networking plus many more. Buying a business can be a great way to get started and I will teach you how to price your desired venture and what to look for.

If you have extensive experience and knowledge in a chosen field, you may think about starting your own consulting business. This can be very rewarding and very profitable.

I spent several years in my own successful businesses and some of these I turned around from pathetic losses to spectacular gains. The first two businesses that I bought I paid far too much for. However, by using several diversified methods and tactics, I turned them into outstanding successes. Only one idea I will teach you here could save you from a possible disaster and greatly multiply your income when you’re running your own business.

I was also involved in many diversified transactions as a business broker and small business consultant where I encountered some very good situations and many horror stories that I could tell you about forever. I will tell you about some of these because you can learn a lot from both the good and the bad.

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As a THANK YOU for Stopping By and leaving me your information, I want to give you an outstanding 49 page publication entitled “Murder Your Job” that will teach you how to profit from the Internet goldmine without spending a fortune.

I would also like you to have a second book called "Sick of The Boss" that contains several stories of people who became upset with their bosses and eventually went into their own businesses. Their stories show guts and determination in the face of losing, winning, losing again and winning big. These actual situations are educational, enlightening and demonstrate the resolve needed to succeed.


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